How much does it cost to get on a plane?

It depends on - what airline you are flying - how far are you going - how much in advance are you booking - what time of the day is the flight (peak versus non-peak) - what class you are flying (eco or first) - what season is the flight for (around holidays it is more expensive) - how booked is the flight once you know all the above answers, the fare gets determined. An average price of a ticket within US is between $250 and $325. In Europe, you can hop just about anywhere on the Continent for less than $250 a flight. Australians are lucky in this matter as their tickets begin only from $100. The average Air Treks around the world or multi-stop plane tickets costs between $3000 and $5000 per person, but that all depends on your schedule and routing. Therefore, all its costs to get on a flight is a little pre planning and the best flight deal!

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