Can I use a debit card to buy a ticket?

Most of the times, flight tickets are purchased using credit cards. Most of the airlines will allow you to buy tickets using your debit card but you have to be ready with a backup, just in case. Some airlines allow you to buy a ticket using only a debit card affiliated with MasterCard or Visa.The amount, set by the individual bank, generally ranges from $1,000 to $3,000. No matter how much is in your bank account, you’ll still have to deal with a cap and if it is less than that of what you require for the ticket, you cannot pay for it using your card. Also, using a debit card will not fetch you extra miles that a credit card does and you may also miss the reimbursement that credit card companies provide incase of any cancellations. Therefore, you can use your debit card for buying a ticket, but there are limits and tradeoffs.

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