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San Francisco Airport Address

San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco
CA 94128, USA.

Frankfurt Airport Address

Frankfurt Airport
60547 Frankfurt

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About San Francisco

San Francisco is the popular vacation spot and it is considered as the California's major tourist's city. The city is the major hub of leading financial center and also the leading cultural center of the city. The city enjoys mild climatic conditions the City is a mixture of local and historical culture equipped with historical landmarks, cuisines, Temples, museums, religious festivals, dance, Fine Art, mountainous, lively beaches and so on. Meanwhile you can taste all the local and international cuisines and you do come across plenty of popular restaurants where you can taste all the world class flavors. Explore all around the city which is surrounded by huge entertainment venues and great historical spots and tradition is waiting to be explored.

About Frankfurt

The actual name of Frankfurt is Frankfurt am Main, is the largest city of Hesse in Germany. The city possesses one of the two tallest skyscrapers of the European Union which are the Commerzbank tower and Messeturm. It is a metropolitan city, not as huge as others but still provides a lot to discover. There are people from all around the world, with different citizenships staying in Frankfurt. This makes the place a collaboration of multiple cultures, traditions, languages and lifestyle. The best time to visit Frankfurt is late springs or early autumns. The other seasons experience extreme weathers, i.e. extremely hot in summers and extremely cold in winters. The Frankfurt am Main International airport is also known as Flughafen Frankfurt am Main or Rhein-Main-Flughafen in local language. In terms of total passenger traffic, the airport is third busiest. It is the single largest workplace in Germany. The airport has been expanded several times from the day it was started and now there are two main passenger terminals at the airport and a small terminal which is exclusive for Lufthansa first class passengers. A new large terminal is on its way to be inaugurated soon. A number of facilities like eating and drinking, business facilities, library, shopping outlets, are well organised in the premises.

Flights from San Francisco to Frankfurt

The distance from San Francisco to Frankfurt is 9,128 km. The major airlines which provide services are United Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, KLM Airlines, British Airways, Air France Airlines, Air Canada Airlines, Swiss Airlines and American Airlines. Some airlines provide one stopover and some provide two stopovers in Amsterdam, Munich, Seattle, London, Paris, Montreal, Chicago, Dallas and Zurich.