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How to reach Tokyo from different US Cities

Los Angeles to Tokyo Flights: LAX to NRT 8 Flights per day traveling, 11 hours 20 minutes is travel duration. The major airlines which provide services are United Airlines, ANA, Delta, American Airlines, Singapore Airlines, China Eastern, Air China, Air Canada, and Cathay Pacific. Some airlines provide one stopover in San Francisco, Shanghai, Vancouver, Taipei and Hong Kong.

Chicago to Tokyo Flights: The flights which fly in this route include American Airlines 153, ANA 11, United Airlines 881, Delta, Air Canada, Turkish Airlines, China Airlines and Etihad Airways. There are 18 flights which operate in this route. The Distance from Chicago to Tokyo is 10,132 km.

San Francisco to Tokyo Flights: The airlines which fly in this route includes United, American Airlines, JAL, China Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Asian and Cathay Pacific. SFO to Tokyo per day 4 flights and 10 hours 45 minutes duration.

New York to Tokyo Flights: The Distance from John F Kennedy International Airport, New York to Haneda Airport, Tokyo is 10,842 km. Non-stop flights are available from New York to Shanghai few are United Airlines, ANA, JAL and American Airlines. Connecting flights are Cathay pacific, Air Canada, China Southern and Air China Airlines. Some airlines provide 1 stopover in Hong Kong, Toronto, Guangzhou and Beijing. The average traveling time between New York to Shanghai is 13 hours 45 minutes.

Washington to Tokyo Flights: The Distance from Washington to Tokyo is 6,771 miles. The top airlines which operate in this route include Air China, Aeroflot Airline, Air Canada, Turkish Airlines, American, Air France, KLM, Etihad Airways, Emirates, Singapore, Qatar Airways and United. The average travel time is 13h 35m.

Dallas to Tokyo Flights: The distance from Dallas to Tokyo is 6,457 miles. The airlines which fly in this route include Air Canada, American Airlines, China Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, United Airlines, Delta and China Southern Airlines.