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How to reach Milan from different US Cities

Dallas to Milan Flights: The distance from Dallas/Fort worth International Airport to Milan–Malpensa Airport is 8,566 km. The top airlines which operate in this route include American Airlines, Air Canada, Swiss Airlines, Air France, British Airways, KLM Airlines and Lufthansa Airlines. The average flight time is 12 hours 25 minutes.

Seattle to Milan Flights: The average travel time between Seattle to Milan is 12 hours 30 minutes. There is no direct flights on this route. The major airlines which provide service are KLM Airlines, Air France Airlines, Air Canada, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa and British Airways. Out of these, few airlines provide one stopover and few are two stopovers in New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Vancouver, Newark and London.

Washington to Milan Flights: If you want to travel from Washington to Milan you can choose among Emirates Airlines, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, KLM Airlines, Air China and American Airlines. The average travel time is 10h 5m and the distance between the two destinations is 4,217 miles.

San Diego to Milan Flights: The top airlines which operate in this route include American Airlines, Air France, Emirates Airlines, Iberia Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Air Canada and Lufthansa Airlines. The distance from San Diego to Milan is 6,074 miles. The average flight travel time is 14 hours.

Houston to Milan Flights: Houston is placed at a distance of almost 5,415 miles from Milan. The popular airlines which provide service are Emirates Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, KLM Airlines, Air Canada, Turkish Airlines, Air France and American Airlines. Make sure to grab cheap fares offered by these airlines.

Los Angeles to Milan Flights: The average traveling time between LAX to Milan 12 hours 55m. There are no nonstop flights on this route and Connecting flights are available from LAX to Milan few are Iberia Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa Airline and virgin Atlantic.