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Chicago Airport Address

O'Hare International Airport
10000 W O'Hare Ave
IL 60666, USA.

Shanghai Airport Address

Shanghai Pudong International Airport
S1 Yingbin Expy
Pudong Xinqu
Shanghai Shi

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About Chicago

The "Chicago O'Hare International Airport / Chicago International Airport" is present in Chicago which is a metropolitan city in the United States of America. Chicago is declared to be among the top ranked Alpha + Global cities by the Globalization and world cities research network. The largest airline company at the O’Hare International Airport is the United Airlines. The airport has five terminals, of which the terminal numbered 5 is meant exclusively for international arrivals. The O'Hare International Airport won the Global Traveler Award for the Best Airport in North America in the year 2012. The City of Chicago and the Chicago Department of Aviation are proud of its airports and are working hard to develop O'Hare, toughen relationships and affirm in the closely encircling communities, and foster new ideas and programs through its sustainability efforts.

About Shanghai

Shanghai, the largest city of China is a major financial centre in the world. Shanghai is covered with very eminent buildings and sky scrapers which makes it a very eye catching city when looked around. The high speed train ride in Shanghai Maglev train from international airport to the city is a perfect metaphor of Shanghai. Shanghai draws the attention of the entire world with its largest its base of Chinese industrial technology, most important seaports and China's largest commercial and financial centre. The city of Shanghai is an integration of both traditional and modern Chinese culture. It is considered to be the birthplace of everything that is modern in China because of its status as the Cultural and Economic centre of East Asia. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is situated in Pudong new district which is about 30 Kms from the downtown area. It is among the China's most important and famous airports. The airport comprises of two terminals, both of which are connected by passageways for easy access. Other than this 10 shuttle bus services are also available to travel from airport to the centre of the city. Services such as shopping areas and restaurants are also available for travellers to make their travel a comfortable one. Restrooms are very conveniently available at both the domestic departure areas as well as international departure areas.

Flights from Chicago to Shanghai

The average traveling time between Chicago and Shanghai is 14 hours 35 minutes. There are many nonstop flights available from Chicago to Shanghai few to mention United Airlines and American Airlines. The major airlines which provide services are Air China Airlines, Air India Airlines, Delta, Air Canada Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, American Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines and Air France Airlines. Out of these, few airlines provide one stopover and few are two stopovers in Beijing, San Francisco, Detroit, Vancouver, Frankfurt, Paris, New Delhi and Dallas.