San Francisco to Zurich British Airways Flights

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San Francisco Airport Address

San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco
CA 94128, USA.

Zurich Airport Address

Zurich Airport
8058 Zurich-Flughafen

British Airways Flight Booking from San Francisco to Zurich

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About British Airways

British Airways flights fly to almost 150 destinations and 69 countries around the world. British Airways is the 12th largest cargo airline via its subsidiary British Airways World Cargo. The airline offers passenger flights to destinations across all major countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Australia and the Caribbean. Asian countries include Japan, China, Maldives, Thailand and Singapore. In North America, British Airways flights fly to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and several cities of USA.

The major destinations in USA include New York, Atlanta, Washington, D.C, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, Newark and Seattle. In India, British Airways operates flights out of airports at New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.

About San Francisco

San Francisco is the popular vacation spot and it is considered as the California's major tourist's city. The city is the major hub of leading financial center and also the leading cultural center of the city. The city enjoys mild climatic conditions the City is a mixture of local and historical culture equipped with historical landmarks, cuisines, Temples, museums, religious festivals, dance, Fine Art, mountainous, lively beaches and so on. Meanwhile you can taste all the local and international cuisines and you do come across plenty of popular restaurants where you can taste all the world class flavors. Explore all around the city which is surrounded by huge entertainment venues and great historical spots and tradition is waiting to be explored.

About Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. Zurich Airport is the largest in the country. Despite having relatively small population, Zurich is a leading global city. It was named as the city with best quality of life in the world. It is situated about 30 km north of the Alps. Zurich Airport is located less than 10 km northeast of the city in Kloten. Visiting Places are Lake Zurich, Zurich Museum of Art, Swiss National Museum, Centre Le Corbusier, Museum of Design, Zoological Garden, Botanical Garden, Chinese Garden and kleiner Hafner.